Court Coordinators and Court Staff

A overall court coordinator will be designated by the tournament chair. The head coordinator will draft sub-coordinators for each individual court. Each court coordinator assigned will assist the court judge, head judge and tournament chair in the operation of the individual courts. They will manage the court staff at the scorekeeping, timing and recording tasks as well as seeing that the red and white ribbon designators are being attached to the competitors. They will see that the score sheets are correctly maintained and a official copy is sent to the head score keeper. They will assist and determine that the assigned court staff is at the court.

Court Staff

The tournament chair along with the court coordinator will assign PNKF clubs to each court. It shall be the responsibility of the clubs to provide the court staff to run the court. The chair will provide the clubs with their assigned courts 3 weeks prior to the day of the tournament. It is the responsibility of the clubs to see that the staff they provide is trained and available. A schedule of assignment may be provided to the clubs so that their members will know exactly when they are required to staff the court. See appendix J for court staff duties.

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