Seminar Goals and Objectives

  • How to structure & run kendo classes to enable you to be a better kendo
  • Teaching mixed level classes including learning styles and teaching methods.
  • Identify individual strengths and weaknesses to better understand your kendo and give you tools to improve
  • Advice on how to schedule specific content in a structured way and provide you with methodology for managing an insular environment.
  • How to lead a group and not neglect your own training
  • Study the full set of kendo fundamentals and how to incorporate them into your teaching
  • Hosting a seminar or dojo special training
  • Connection and networking with other US kendo leaders to help grow American kendo
  • To provide you with ideas on how to structure your kendo club to maximize potential
  • Criteria for shinsa, how to train for shinsa vs. taikai, and finding a balance
  • How to integrate kendo culture & US student expectations
  • Locations and ideas to help secure a good training facility
  • 501(c)(3) overview, resources for those needing to obtain non-profit status

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